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This is one family’s deeply personal story of loss, grief and hope.

Justine and Brendon’s 18-month-old daughter Sophie died in a tragic accident.

Justine had spent the morning playing with the children, then went to a massage appointment. As usual, she took the kids with her.

What happened next was every parent’s nightmare. The massage therapist lowered the table not realising Sophie had crawled underneath moments before. She died instantly.

The accident prompted a Safe Work SA investigation and attracted a lot of media attention.

When the investigation was abandoned, adding anger and frustration to their grief, Justine and Brendon fought for a coronial inquest. They wanted some good to come out of Sophie’s death – public exposure of the dangers of power assisted beds and tables so no other child would die and no other family would have to suffer.

While the Coroner looked into the case, Justine and Brendon focussed on maintaining their marriage and regaining their faith in the world. Having a surviving son and a new baby helped them to keep going.

Now the inquest is wrapping up and they are waiting for the Coroner’s report. Will it support their mission and bring the legal changes they’re calling for?

But there is more at stake than the dream of saving another child’s life when the Coroner makes his recommendations.

If Justine and Brendon lose the fight, the disappointment may destroy all hope of a legacy for Sophie, and they are desperate to keep her memory alive.

Or if they win, will they be satisfied or will they continue to fight for their cause? Will changing the law change their grief?


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